About Rapid Handy Pro, The #1 Rated Virginia Handyman and Remodeling Specialist

We’re a remodeling company that places your needs at the forefront of everything we do. Our primary goal is to provide you with a hassle-free, friendly, and enjoyable experience while safeguarding your most substantial investment. You can trust our team to create a comfortable and stress-free living environment within your home. What sets us apart from ordinary service providers is our unique and welcoming approach. When it comes to skills, we’ve got them in abundance! Give us the opportunity to impress you. If you’re a realtor looking for valuable referrals, we would be delighted to meet with you and explore how we can streamline your deal-closing process while minimizing complications. Our prompt response to repair quote requests ensures that you can swiftly respond to offers.


Building and repairing have been integral parts of my life for over forty years. I embarked on this journey at the age of twelve, constructing my first building using reclaimed lumber generously provided by my friend’s dad. Although it may have been a bit rough around the edges, we relished the process and turned it into our cherished clubhouse. During my high school years, I enrolled in a shop class and began crafting furniture that I sold to my teachers. Throughout this time, I consistently demonstrated a knack for working with my hands.

In 1980, I enlisted in the US Coast Guard, dedicating six years to serving my country. This experience was immensely rewarding, offering valuable lessons in leadership and responsibility.

Upon my return to the Collinsville area, I embarked on a career as a carpenter in 1986. Over the years, I honed my skills in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work. In 2010, I earned a certificate in HVAC from South Western IL College. Subsequently, I returned to the same institution, this time as an instructor in electrical and HVAC, sharing my knowledge with future generations.


In 2007, I initiated my remodeling service under the name Green Remodeling, specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovations, room additions, and general remodeling services. However, in early 2019, I rebranded the business as Rapid Handy Pro. My vision was to establish a remodeling enterprise distinct from the typical experiences you might have encountered. You know the drill – challenging to reach, unresponsive, unreliable, tardy, unsettling appearances, or lacking in competence. I’m sure you’ve encountered at least one of these scenarios before.

When you work with us, you can anticipate that your calls will be promptly answered, and we won’t send someone who looks like they belong to the Manson family to work in your home. Punctuality and treating your home with the utmost care are our commitments. We continuously train our team members in their service skills and craftsmanship. Furthermore, we stand behind our workmanship with a one-year warranty, and if we do make a mistake, we’ll go to great lengths to rectify it. I refuse to settle for mediocrity – our aim is excellence!